Environment, a function included for the Canter and commentary about the safety

It may be a matter of course in Japan which is a technical large country I think about a current global environment, and to make a car.
And I learn the concept of the truck called Canter from it and sample a particulate matter drained from an engine in a technique called the reproduction control type DPF and adopt a method to burn.
In addition, it is not only a particulate matter to leave from the engine and is equipped with a technique to make full use of a technique called BlueTec, and to largely reduce NOx causing carbon dioxide.
Of course is a technique called high efficiency 3 liters engine 4P10, and it must not leave high efficiency combustion to put an improving mechanism on the mileage to be powerful, and to realize the run full of light pleasant feelings while becoming ripe; partially.
I introduce brakes overriding system into safety.
When I am stepping with an accelerator pedal what kind of thing this is and step with a brake pedal more, it is the system which gives priority to brakes over an accelerator again.
Besides, I put multi-information system lvis which understood DPF and mileage information or maintenance information at first sight with sitting in the driver's seat at a speedometer and the middle of the tachometer.
I was connected with quick trouble correspondence by this thing.
In addition, it is not only this to have been equipped by a truck called Canter
It is equipped with an electronic control braking force distribution system to add it to the anti-lock braking system which is apt to happen when I take hitting the brakes, and to control braking force distribution to a front wheel, rear wheels appropriately, and to be able to find stable breaking.