It is a rule of the car purchase in Los Angeles.

I explain how to buy cars here.
It is wide, but I narrow it down to the purchase of the used car here and talk even if I say a car.
Then I explain a method to buy a used car cheaply a little in detail.
The considered one will talk about a new car with dealers handling a new car.
There are many choices on purchasing it in Los Angeles of the car society.
The Japanese likes new cars, but a used car market develops that an American has intense difference of the poverty and wealth and has culture to take good care of a thing.
Thus, is it a little different from a Japanese in the sense of the used car, too?
The personal buying and selling of the cheap used car is surprised among other things.
"I buy a used car of around 3,000 dollars and sell for 3,200 dollars one year" later may can do an unreasonable thing in Japan.
The search for used car is easy in, too. And I can obtain it cheaply.
"Personal buying and selling" and two kinds of methods "buying from a dealer" are common to purchase a used car. I buy it from a person from, or that you buy it from a shop is a thing. Naturally it is cheap, but a risk is accompanied when I buy it from a person. Though I am reliable when I buy it from a shop, it is high.
In addition, there are few method and numbers to buy a car displaying, but there is ricksha station business taking the method called "order sale" when I buy it from a shop.